Category: For Allergy Fellows  

Teaching Cases: Varied Presentations of LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux)

CASE 1: Vocal Fold Polyp in LPR Patient
The polyp resolved with better acid suppression.

CASE 2: Marked Edema and Intermittent Anterior Glottic Pinching: Food Allergy Mimic? He was sent for allergy testing for food-induced symptoms.

CASE 3: 58-year-old obese woman with history of asthma. She reports 6 years of dyspnea, cough, wheeze and chest tightness not fully responsive to her bronchodilator. She also has heartburn, nausea, hoarseness, throat clearing, globus sensation. Her PFTs  showed a restrictive pattern. She was found to have endolaryngeal mucous and vocal fold hemmorhage. She improved on PPI therapy and her hemmorhage (likely due to excessive coughing) resolved in a few weeks. Note that she was not treated for asthma, she improved with a PPI only.