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Asthma May Effect Fertility

A recent Danish study compared twins in which one had asthma and one did not. Major findings were that:

  • that it look longer for asthmatics to get pregnant (whether or not they were allergic)
  • Untreated asthmatics took longer to become pregnant than treated asthmatics (including those on inhaled steroids)

How could asthma affect fertility?
Asthma is not just a disease of the lungs, there are systemic features (including higher levels of allergic cells, known as eosinophils, in the blood)

In summary:
Both treated and untreated asthmatics appear at higher risk for subfertility (taking more than 1 year to become pregnant).   Is that simply a marker for asthma severity?   It is not clear but one thing is certain:  taking care of asthma is very important during a pregnancy so in anticipation of that, asthma care should be started and optimized.