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About Us, FAQ


  1. What are your qualifications for teaching?
    We have been actively involved in medical education throughout our careers in voluntary capacities and as divisional chiefs at NYC hospitals.   We are a designated teaching site for the Mt Sinai Allergy/Immunology Fellowship Training Program.  We are very experienced clinicians who try to bridge the divide between the specialties of otolaryngology, pulmonary and allergy.  We have found that use of video endoscopy in our practice has enabled us to manage routine sinonasal conditions and laryngeal causes of respiratory symptoms.
  2. Is this site peer-reviewed?
    No,  but for many of the formal lectures (e.g.-venom, latex) peer-reviewed articles have been utilized in preparation.  Some pages include references.
  3. Are you publishing any of your findings?
    We have not published our video endoscopy findings yet but will be doing so in the near future, especially variants of vocal cord dysfunction.
  4. Do you offer CME credit?
    We do not plan to offer CME credit through this site.
  5. Can I contact you if I have questions about a patient of mine?
    We welcome contact from physicians.